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You can also download the app by going to this page, selecting the type of mobile phone app you need, and then typing “” into the search.
Download the app, set up your account, search for “St. Thomas the Apostle Orthodox Mission,” and then you can donate via your phone.

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St. Thomas Building Initiatve.png

Introducing the St. Thomas Building Initiative

With the Great Fast in full swing and our church building in need of critical construction projects to meet safety and compliance standards, we are creating a Building Initiative with the goal of raising $10,000 during this Lenten period for the maintenance and improvement of St Thomas. The funds from the Building Initiative will allow us to make our space safer for elderly parishioners and children and more comfortable for our dear rector, while keeping us in compliance with applicable county laws. 

Here is our current progress:

 Parishioners are encouraged to contribute to the Building Initiative as part of their Lenten tithing. To donate, select the ‘Building Initiative’ option on the St Thomas tithely page. The drop-down menu is preset to General Fund, but selecting the down arrow will reveal the additional option of the Building Initiative.


For other options and any questions, talk to our treasurer, Marcian Sakarya. Updates regarding the Building Initiative will be provided weekly via the church bulletin and Sunday announcements.


Below, are examples of how the fund selection appears on both mobile and desktop.
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