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Sunday, May 19th 2024:
Third Sunday of Pascha: The Myrrh-bearing Women


Greetings St. Thomas Family,

Christ is Risen!  We pray you have had a blessed week, and will join us for our weekend services.

The schedule is as follows:



Service Schedule (6).png


On May 26th, at 3pm, the parish will host the betrothal and crowning ceremonies for Marcian Sakarya and Lucia (Ava) Shick as they are joined in Holy Matrimony. While the reception is invitation only, due to limited seating, all are welcome to attend the service and witness the joyful union of our beloved friends.


For those who missed the announcement by Father and our treasurer, Marcian, on Sunday:  

Thanks to the last minute donations of some generous parishioners during Holy Week, we have met and surpassed the $10,000 goal for our Building Initiative by nearly 10%, having raised a total of $10,949. This is a great blessing for our parish and shows what we can achieve as a community, since on Palm Sunday we were on track to NOT meet our goal. 

These funds will be used to continue repairs in the basement rooms (our "rectory") and improvements to the outdoor spaces of St. Thomas.

 Marcian would  also like to remind everyone that we have two separate cash boxes in the back of the church, each with its own purpose. The ‘items’ box is for paying for candles, commemoration loaves, etc., while the ‘tithes’ box is for tithing. It is very important to be aware of which one you are depositing into as we keep the funds for these separate, and tithe 10% of our parish’s tithes to the diocese.





Additional Reminders:

  • Please remember to mark your calendars!

  • The Parish Council Meeting, has been moved from the last week of May to the first week of June. The council will be meeting at 2:00 PM Sunday, June 2nd. All subsequent Parish Council meetings will be on the first Sunday of each month.

  •  As we announced recently, on November 16th & 17th our parish will be blessed with a visit from Met. Nicholas. He will be present for a vigil on Saturday and a hierarchical Divine Liturgy on Sunday. A special coffee hour will be held in the Tobaccoville Community Center.  More details to come.

  • The Sisterhood would like to remind you that Martinia (Janet)  is collecting empty, rinsed cans to raise money for St. Thomas. This is an ongoing fundraiser and an easy way to help sustain our church. All scrap metal, of any size or kind, will also be accepted.  There are bins in the old coffee room to the left of the narthex and downstairs in the basement. If there are big items you can’t bring to church (such as a washing machine, car parts, etc.), please let Martinia (Janet) know and she is happy to help.** Please note: Thoroughly rinse out the cans brought to the church for recycling in order to keep our building clean and pest-free.

  • Our St. Thomas 2024 Church Calendars available; including the Liturgical Dates and fasting cycle for this year. A $5:00 donation is suggested to cover the printing cost of each calendar.

  • Please Remember to label allergens in  food you bring to share for Coffee Hour.

  • At the conclusion of coffee hour, we ask that you please collect any dishes that  you may have brought and take them to your car. This will reduce the dish washing load, and facilitate cleaning of the serving area.

We are grateful for all who contribute as well as those volunteer their time for the benefit of St. Thomas Orthodox Church. May God keep our parishioners safe and bless these worthy endeavors.

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